The Deutsche Telecom IT hub (DT) in Thessaloniki will be employing over 500 people by 2024, as high-ranking executives of OTE revealed today, on the occasion of the visit of the Minister of Digital Governance, Kyriakos Pierrakakis, to hub facilities.

Already, as of last week, the first 258 IT scientists, coming to a significant extent from the now defunct St. Petersburg IT hub, settled in Thessaloniki, while an additional 100 recruitments are expected this year, the same number in 2023 and 70 in 2024, both from Greece and abroad. The center will cover DT’s IT needs in Germany, providing IT and software services.

The Telekom IT hub

DT’s IT HUB is temporarily housed in a part of the five-story building owned by OTE, at the junction of Karolos Dill and Vasileos Herakleiou streets, but in the future it is planned to move to another property of the group, possibly one on Lagada Street, which will renovated for this purpose. The Telekom IT hub in Thessaloniki, where software developers work, developing various solutions (billing and ERP systems, services), aims to develop into one of the most innovative IT centers in Europe.

Peter Leukert, CEO of Telekom IT, said a few days ago that Greece was chosen for the installation of the hub both for the level of its human resources and for the practical support provided by the State to investment initiatives. Today, executives of the OTE group clarified in their turn that DT did not just move the corresponding hub of St. Petersburg to Thessaloniki, but invested specifically in the creation of such a center in Greece and Thessaloniki, which it even plans to enlarge significantly in the coming years.