There are a few hours left to lift the restrictions imposed on coronavirus protection.

From May 1, we will be even closer to pre-pandemic life, as the new lifting of measures has been formalized: Borders and shops are open to all, vaccinated and not, as the use of vaccination certificates is suspended.

However, it has not yet been clarified whether the mandatory mask indoors will be abolished from June 1, as originally announced. The situation will be reassessed at the end of May.

Everyone can enter freely everywhere

In particular, the use of vaccination and disease certificates is suspended, not only for shops but also for entry into the country.

Thus, tourists who will now come to the country will be able to move freely, like Greek citizens, indoors and outdoors, while they will not be obliged to take a test before their arrival.

For unvaccinated workers and rapid tests, they should do one a week, from two they have had to so far. Exceptions are hospital and nursing home staff, where the two rapid tests per week for unvaccinated workers remain.

“We are entering a difficult tourist season”

As stressed by the Deputy Regional Governor of Attica, Nikos Peppas, speaking on the show “Society Hour MEGA”:

“We are returning to normalcy. The capacity of the shops returns to 100%. It comes at the best time, as we enter the heavy tourist season, but also in the summer season and this allows people to sit in the shops and outside. Covid passes are abolished and will only apply to health care facilities and nursing homes. They all come together freely everywhere and through this will come the normality, in the way of operation of the restaurant and of this space “.

All the changes

According to the announcement of the Ministry of Health, for the suggestions of the experts from May 1, it is proposed that the following apply:

– Covid pass suspension and capacity reset to 100%.

– Suspension of EUDCC certificate at the country’s entry gates.

– 1 rapid test per week (as against two so far) in unvaccinated workers, with the exception of hospitals and MFIs which remain the 2 rapid tests per week for unvaccinated workers.

– 1 rapid test (as against 2 so far) in unvaccinated teachers and faculty members. There will be clarifications from the Ministry of Education.

The committee’s suggestion is accepted by the government and the details will be clarified in the forthcoming JMC.

As regards masks

Regarding the obligatory mask indoors, the Minister of Health, Thanos Plevris, left open a “window” that they might not be finally abolished from June 1, as was initially announced.

“The mask may not be removed for indoor venues because it is a mild measure. The mask will remain in May and from there on we will decide by monitoring the epidemiological situation”, he stated characteristically.

“The masks will remain for the time being, we will see how long and where. We still have double-digit death numbers and a three-digit intubation number. The coronavirus is still here. We have to be careful. The measures are doing well and are being reduced, but the masks are important “, stressed, speaking to MEGA, the president of hospital doctors’ union EINAP, Matina Pagoni.

She noted: “If there were no people who were vaccinated, and we had not reached the vaccination rates we reached, do you know how many deaths we would have? “Some people were vaccinated, they followed the protocols, and we went ahead.”