Of particular interest is the evolution of wine exports over time but also compared to the previous year, per country and per destination in the European Union or third countries.

The picture is different in each market separately, and does not follow generalized patterns, although the causes could be the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, a fact that in 2020 had a negative effect, causing an overall decline in exports, but which is “cured” in 2021 , notes in a relevant announcement from the Central Cooperative Union of Wine Products-KEOSOE.

According to the data prepared by KEOSOE, in 2021 there is a return to normal divs in the main export markets, sizes which are preferable to compare with those of 2019 and not those of 2020, a year that due to a pandemic can not be , base year for drawing safe conclusions.

The fact that there is an increase in exports in the main export markets causes satisfaction, even when the divs are compared with those of 2019.

The picture in the European Union

The first six EU countries that Greek wines are exported to represent 91.54% of total exports in value, for 2021 and are in order in terms of value Germany, Cyprus, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and France.


Improvement is observed in the performance of the top export market for Greek wine (39.47% of exports to the EU in value), since there is an increase in 2021 compared to 2020 in value by 6.19% (28,262,377 € / 2021 – 26,615,096 € / 2020), while a slight increase also by 0.15% is presented in quantity (12,187,820 kg / 2021 – 12,169,105 kg / 2020). An increase of 6.03% is also recorded in the exported average selling price (€ 2.32 / kg / 2021 – € 2.19 / kg / 2020) in 2021.

The comparison with the 5-year average shows this year a timeless decrease of the exported Greek wines in value by 4.30% and a corresponding decrease in quantity by 9.47%. The average selling price of wine deliveries increased by 6.19%, which reflects the continuous increase of the average price in the previous 5 years. Negative quantities in 5 year average are explained by the sharp decline of 2020, due to covid 19.

As mentioned above, the safest estimation for exports in this market is the comparison between the years 2019/2021, a comparison according to which there is a decrease in value by 6.63% and respectively a decrease in quantity by 11.53%. Consequently, the German market for Greek wines did not fully recover in 2021.


Cyprus continues to be the second market, as it is developing into a very important export destination for Greek wine, since this year it is ranked high at EU level.

The evolution of the quantities in value of the exported wines in this country is indicative, since the percentage change of 2021 compared to 2020 is recorded at + 41.07% (€ 6.500.950 / 2021 – € 4.628.200 / 2020), while the corresponding change (in value) of the 5-year average amounts to + 23.48%. However, the average selling price of wine shipments has increased (+ 7.51%) compared to 2020 (€ 3.88 / kg / 2021 – € 3.61 / kg / 2020) which is also increased compared to the average 5 year term (+ 17.76%).

Changes in the amount of wine exported in kg also followed an upward trend in 2021 compared to 2020 by 31.22% (1,677,160 kg / 2021 – 1,278,138 kg / 2020), while as concerns the comparison of 2021 with the 5-year average, the Exports of wine in Cyprus appear to be reduced by 3.55%, although the evolution of sizes is explained by the reduction due to the negative impact of the pandemic. The comparison of 2021 with 2019, further shows the change of sizes. Thus, in value, exports showed an increase of 8.1%, but in quantity, they showed a decrease of 25.3%.


Italy is a pleasant surprise in 2021, which is ranked third in terms of Greek wine exports to the EU.

The divs do not show some regularity, since there is an increase in exports to Italy in 2021 by 502.93% (2021: € 2,335,501 – 2020: € 387,358), while the comparison of the average of the last 5 years with 2021, where an increase of 175.67% is recorded.

The size of quantities show a more explosive change, which increase in 2021 by 1236.64% (2021: 2,560,381 kg – 2020: 191,553 kg) (there is always the possibility of error, due to the temporary nature of the data).

Of course and in comparison with the 5 year average, exports in 2021 appear increased by 140.92%.

The average price records a significant decrease of 54.89% (2021: € 0.91 / kg – 2020: 2020: € 2.02 / kg), which (with a reservation) may imply active refinement of wines and re-export.


The increase in size was in the French market, in 2020, was impressive, but equally impressive was the negative turn in 2021.

The negative change can be explained only by the time of shipment of wines of 2021 compared to 2020, due to a change in pricing methods.

The shipments of Greek wines in value suffered a significant decrease by 81.36% in 2021 compared to 2020 (€ 1,169,123 / 2021 – € 6,272,504 / 2020), by 90.90% in quantity (346,530 kg / 2021 – 3,807. 676 kg / 2020), while there is an increase in the average selling price of wines by 104.8% (€ 3.37 / kg 2021 – € 1.65 / kg 2020).

Corresponding was the reduction of sizes compared to the previous 5 years, since in 2021 compared to the 5 years 2016 – 2020 they showed a decrease of 78.22% in value and also a decrease of 86.30% in quantity. The average unit price per kg increased significantly by 63.72%.


The market with the most dynamic growth worldwide, but also the most intense competition, presents a significant increase for Greek wine exports in 2021, and remains the first choice as a target country of the Greek wine sector, in terms of Third Countries.

It should be reminded that due to the pandemic in this market in 2020, the divs moved negatively in value of exports (-36.53%) and in quantity (-31.54%).

Greek wines exports to the USA show a significant increase of 67.83%. in 2021 compared to 2020 (14,216,726 € / 2021 – 8,470,727 € / 2020).

A similar but slightly smaller increase is shown in the exported quantities of wines in 2021 compared to 2020 by 55.76% (2,554,699 kg / 2021 – 1,640,105 kg / 2020), while an increase is observed in the average selling price of exported wines in 2021 compared to 2020 by 7.15% (€ 5.56 / kg / 2021 – € 5.16 / kg / 2020).

The same divs in 2021 compared to the 5-year average 2016–2020 also show an increasing trend.

In value, a 5-year average increase of 23.79% is recorded, in quantity, an increase of 13.55% is also recorded, while an increase of the average selling price is recorded in comparison with the 5-year average, which amounts to 3.35% and reflects the growth dynamics of the prices of the previous 5 years.

Undoubtedly, this is the most dynamic (along with Canada) market  for Greek wine, outside the European Union, since it presents characteristics of a mature market. The divs of 2021 compared to 2019, again show an increasing growth in value by + 6.52% and in quantity by + 6.63%, while the average price fell slightly by 0.18%.


Canada unlike the USA showed an increase of the sizes 2020/2019 (+ 28.98% in value, + 20.78% in quantity and + 0.16% in average price).

In 2021 there is a slight increase in the value of wine exports compared to 2020 by 0.52% (€ 7,295,255 / 2021 – € 7,257,235 / 2020), while a decrease is recorded in the exported quantities by 7.46% (1,404,635 kg / 2021 – 1,517,852 kg / 2020). Due to the above changes, the average selling price increased by 8.63% (€ 5.19 / kg / 2021 – € 4.78 / kg / 2020).

A similar picture is presented by the time trend of the sizes that results from their comparison with the average of the previous 5 years.

That is, in value the increase compared to the average of the previous 5 years is recorded at + 27.45%, in quantity the increase amounts to 7.43%, while the average selling price has increased by 8.43%.

United Kingdom

The UK for the first year in two decades, is in the top three countries importing Greek wines.

A third country now as a destination gathers the interest of Greek winemakers, since Promotion programs are “running” in this country.

At the level of changing export numbers, the export performance in the UK is impressive.

In value in 2021 compared to 2020, the increase is recorded at + 107.01% (2021: € 6,197,261 – 2020: € 2,993,638), in quantity at + 72.4% (2021: 1,616,371 kg – 2020 : 939,520 kg), while a significant increase is also observed in the change of the average export price, to + 20.33% (2021: € 3.83 / kg – 2020: € 3.19 / kg).

Finally, the increasing trend is confirmed by the comparison of 2021 with the 5 year average after positive signs are recorded in value (+ 118.21%), in quantity (+ 50.81%) and in average unit price (+ 17.65%).

The rapprochement with the UK market started with a special dynamic and it seems, continuation of this upward course for Greek wine.