The introduction of new activities for young visitors was announced by Experience Park, the first part of the Metropolitan Park, which opened its doors to the public in mid-December last year, as part of the largest urban regeneration underway in Europe.

As announced, from Friday, March 25, on the weekends, a program of educational workshops and interactive games started in Experience Park in this experiential park, which is the beginning of a new way of life in the city and will be constantly updated with new events.

Experience Park, as it is emphasized, is a park that has been designed and built according to the principles of sustainable development, signaling a new, more environmentally friendly approach. An approach found in all its elements, from the Playground with its 35 wooden toys to the benches and paths created from materials used at the historic Airport.

“Green” way of life

In order for these principles to be a new, “green” way of life, Experience Park hosts interactive games and educational workshops through which children learn about recycling and environmental protection. Making their own constructions from recyclable materials they develop their creativity. At the same time, in the gardening lessons they learn how to cultivate and take care responsibly, their own plant in a pot, which will be their souvenir from this activity.

The young visitors will participate in fun group games that encourage collaboration, enhance their socialization and help them discover their potential, the announcement said.

Activity hours are 17:30 -19: 30 and participation in all activities is free, while no pre-registration is required. The Experience Park is open daily, from 17:00 until 22:00. Admission to the Park is free and access is from Vouliagmeni Avenue, very close to Ellinikon Metro station. For the convenience of visitors, a free parking space has been created in the Park. For the safety of visitors, the relevant procedures and recommendations adopted by the competent health authorities are followed.