The 24-hour strike in the port of Piraeus of the members of the Union of Container Workers at the piers of Piraeus (ENEDEP) started at 06:00 today, Monday, February 7, with a gathering of strikers as well as a large number of union leader and other workers turning up in solidarity.

Employee demands

According to a union statement, this is a 24-hour warning strike and workers are demanding the signing of a BCC that will cover all employees, the application of the BAE law to all employees at the port, the re-employment of contractors whose contracts have not been renewed, permanent and stable job for all, application of BAE in all specialties.

According to the union, three fruitless meetings with the employer of DPORT “COSCO” preceded.

In the same announcement, the union states that the implementation of the legislation regarding the integration of all employees in the BAE has not progressed since 1/1/2012.

Strong MAT forces have been in the port since the morning, while according to information, there is also an aura at the spot.

Solidarity with the strikers from the Panhellenic Maritime Federation

The Panhellenic Maritime Federation PNO expresses its full solidarity with the dock workers of COSCO, who continue their struggle and claim the signing of a Collective Labor Agreement and the right to a stable and permanent job.

“The problems of the workers are not and should not be solved by appealing to the courts, by precautionary measures against the strikes and repressive forces, but by a real and substantial and, above all, bona fide dialogue,” the PNO said in a statement.