The deadline has expired, so from today, Monday, those who have not been vaccinated against the coronavirus, but also those who made an appointment until they get first dose, will be fined 50 euros for January and 100 euros for each of the following months .

How many were vaccinated

Specifically, a total of 2,731,838 citizens aged 60 and over, have been vaccinated, and of the 550,000 unvaccinated when their mandatory vaccination was announced on November 30, about 217,000 have made an appointment, or have been vaccinated.

Those who have got the 3rd dose abroad, those who belong to a foreign tax office, those who can prove that for health reasons they should not be vaccinated and those who have requested home vaccination and it has not yet been possible, are excluded.

With two tests in schools

Students will be in schools for a second week, starting on Monday (17 Jan.) and students and teachers will attend classrooms with a different protocol. Frequent testing remains but this week everyone should do 2 tests, before their arrival on Tuesday and Friday while if it is positive they should confirm it with a rapid test within 24 hours.

30,000 positive tests

In the first week, about 30,000 positive asymptomatic cases were detected.

The government and the official opposition also disagree on the 50 + 1% required to close a class, which, however, does not seem likely to change.