The estimate that around January 15 we expect to be at the peak of the Omicron variant and around February 15 is expected to have de-escalated, according to the data available to date, expressed the president of EINAP Matina Pagoni.

Speaking to public broadcaster ERT, he underlined that the hospitals are 90% full with cases from the Delta mutation, while in the new cases, Omicron dominates with 62%, commented Ms. Pagoni.

The goal is for the cases of Omicron to recover at home with mild symptoms and not to burden the Health system and the vaccination helps in that, stressed the president of EINAP.

Which ages it hits the most

As for the ages, he stated that it “hits” the young ages, but also the old ages with underlying diseases, where the third dose of the vaccine can protect them to a great extent.

She also expressed the view for the schools that with the use of self tests and the observance of the measures it seems that there will be no problem and we should wait for the meeting of the committee of experts, while in other countries no additional measures have been taken, but we should to discuss again, when a department will close if cases occur in its potential.