The tendency toward a reordering of Greece political terrain after the election of centre-left KINAL’s new party leader, Nikos Androulakis, is confirmed by GPO’s Economic Barometer Report, prepared for

Despite the heightened concerns of the public over the pandemic and a persistently high inflation rate, New Democracy garnered 32.2 percent, 10.7 percentage points over SYRIZA’s 21.5 percent.

The poll suggests that KINAL (Movement for Change) maintains the momentum that it achieved from the election of its new leader by over 200,000 members and friends of the party.

KINAL now garners 13.1 percent, while in the previous GPO poll it received 9.4 percent.

In September, KINAL was polling just 6.2 percent.

As for the reaction to Androulakis’ election, 67.1 percent of respondents viewed it as a positive development for KINAL, while 51.3 percent consider that it will lead to a restructuring of Greece’s political terrain.