With the pandemic still showing its teeth and the economy remaining in its shadow, debts continue to “choke” households and businesses.

The data of the Independent Public Revenue Authority (ADAE) are revealing, according to which a total of 4.385 billion euros of unpaid taxes were left in arrears by taxpayers in the 10 months of January-October, with the debt being increased by 627 million euros only in October.

At the same time, 4,292,632 taxpayers have open accounts with the tax office and a very large increase compared to September when they amounted to 3,656,672.

The percentage increase of debtors reaches 17.39%.

The new overdue debt decreased by 31.54% in October 2021, compared to the corresponding month of 2020 according to the data of AADE. Specifically, it stood at 713 million compared to 1.041 billion in the corresponding month last year.

For the period January-October 2021, the new overdue debt amounted to 4.872 billion euros, compared to 4.939 billion euros in the corresponding period of 2020, showing a decrease of 1.35%.

The total amount of overdue debt at the end of October 2021 amounted to 109.825 billion euros, compared to 109.416 billion euros in September of the same year, recording an increase of 0.37%.

The uncollectible in October 2021, was 24.990 billion euros, compared to 24.878 billion euros a month ago, having a marginal increase of 0.45%. The real overdue debt amounted to 84.834 billion euros in October 2021, compared to 84.537 billion euros, increased by 0.35%.