BNP Paribas this week noted that the Greek economy’s performance in 2021 was among the pandemic era’s positive surprises.

According to the French international banking group, despite the still difficult economic and social situation in the country, signs of improvement are evident, assuming that the public health situation remains under control.

To date, forecasts for Greek economic growth in 2021 include 8.5 percent by National Bank of Greece; 7.7 percent by DBRS; 8.6 percent by Scope Ratings; 8 percent by UniCredit; 8.8 percent by Citigroup; 8.2 percent by Moody’s Analytics; 7.9 percent by Morgan Stanley; 8.6 percent by Bank of America, and 7.9 percent by UBS.

On its part, the EU Commission forecasts a 7-percent GDP hike for Greece this year, and 5 percent for 2022 on the back of reforms.