The Movement for Change (KINAL) party’s members and friends have elected as its leader in a landslide MEP Nikos Androulakis, defeating the party’s MP and former prime minister George Papandreou.

With 60.13 percent of the votes counted, Androulakis received 60.13 percent and Papandreou 31.58 percent of the vote.

Papandreou has reportedly called Androulakis to congratulate him on his victory.

Over 200,000 people voted – a much higher number than the second round in 2017, when the late Fofi Gennimata was elected – and precincts closed at 7:30pm, after a 30-minute extension

The process proceeded smoothly despite occasionalminor tensions and skirmishes between representatives of the two candidates.

Voters domestically, abroad

A total of 206,196 people voted – 204,662 in Greece and the rest abroad – which is 76 percent of those who voted in the first round on 5 December. In 2017, 73 percent of those who voted in the first round participated in the run-off.

In the first round, Androulakis won 36.88 percent of the vote, Papandreou, 27.97 percent, Andreas Loverdos 25.98 percent, Pavlos Christidis 3.25 percent, Pavlos Geroulanos 2.92 percent, and Haris Kastanidis 2.94 percent.