Next Tuesday, the bill of the Ministry of Tourism entitled “Standard Tourist Destinations of Integrated Management, Management and Promotion Organizations, Spas of Greece and other regulations for the enhancement of tourism development” will be introduced in the competent parliamentary committee.

The purpose of the bill, which was submitted to Parliament last night, is to “address the complex development challenges in the field of tourism through the cooperation of local governments and central government for the planning and implementation of important and interconnected tourism actions.”

Specifically, the following organizational structures are introduced:

a) the Interministerial Committee for Planning and Development of Standard Tourist Destinations for Integrated Management and

b) of the Local / Regional Observatory for Sustainable Tourism Development, as well as the delegation of responsibility to the local self-government organizations (OTA) regarding the management and promotion of tourist destinations, which is exercised through the Development Organizations of Local Self-Government, of Development SA OTA and the already existing non-profit civil companies that can also function as Destination Management and Promotion Organizations.

Also, in the second part of the bill, the company is provided with the name “Thermal Springs of Greece Societe Anonyme” (IPE SA) for the purpose of administration, management, exploitation and utilization of natural thermal resources and springs, as well as their facilities and the environment of the thermal springs in a radius of five hundred (500) meters, which belongs to the management of the Hellenic Tourism Organization (EOT) and is included in the protective area around the spring and are property of the State or Local Government Organization.