A small economic boost to the thousands of households that consume natural gas for heating and cooking needs and have borne huge burdens, gives an amendment of the Ministry of Environment and Energy.

More specifically, the payment of energy distribution and capacity bills by household gas consumers, during the months of November and December, is suspended.

This is a measure decided by the political leadership seeking the small financial relief of the tens of thousands of households that consume gas for heating and cooking.

The relevant amendment was submitted yesterday in Parliament by the Greek Minister of the Environment and Energy, Κostas Skrekas, and concerns all household customers of gas suppliers.

In particular, households, according to the provision, will not pay the energy and distribution capacity bills of the months of November and December. In accordance with Article 2 of the amendment included in the bill for a fair development transition, consumers will pay these amounts at a later date and in four equal monthly installments. The November amounts will be paid into two installments, within April 2022, and the December amounts will be paid in May 2022, respectively.

This amendement will facilitate households for the difficult winter months of November and December, during which gas bills have skyrocketed. The specific charges belong to the category of “regulated” and correspond to about 10% of the total amount of the bill paid by a household customer.

The amounts in the Attiki Natural Gas Distribution Company (EDA Attikis)

Another provision of the amendment seeks to facilitate the gas suppliers in terms of the payment of the aforementioned charges to the Gas Distribution Companies. Amounts they will not receive from their household customers in November and December.

Thus, they will be able to pay the EDA the amounts corresponding to the distribution charges of November and December in four equal monthly installments.

For the amounts of November, the first installment is set in March 2022 and, for the amounts of December, in April 2022. However, gas suppliers will face suffocating conditions in their liquidity as they will not have received the charges from their household customers.