The attention is now turned to the second round of the internal party elections for the election of the president of the Movement for Change (KINAL) party as the alliances, that may be created, will play a decisive role to the election of the leader.

In the first round, the first place was taken by the European Parliament deputy, Nikos Androulakis, who, in the second round, will have to face the former prime minister, party leader and veteran politician, George Papandreou.

Specifically, with 91.77% of the ballots counted, Nikos Androulakis has garnered 36.96% of the vote, while George Papandreou has garnered 27.82% of the vote.

The third place was taken by the Former PASOK minister and current KINAL deputy, Andreas Loverdos, with 26.03%, while far behind is the Press representative of the Movement for Change (KINAL) party, Pavlos Christidis, with 3.25%. The KINAL deputy of Thessaloniki, Haris Kastanidis, received 2.96% and the former Minister for Culture and Tourism, Pavlos Geroulanos, ganered a 2.98% of the vote.

A big question, which remains unanswered, is whether Andreas Loverdos, who took the third place after George Papandreou, will openly support one of the other two candidates.

So far, none of the four candidates, who made it to the next round, has declared their support for any of the two finalists.

Remarkable for the impact of the electoral process, and perhaps the perspective of KINAL, is the high participation of the members of the party, as, in relation to the respective elections of 2017, there was an increase of 25%, from 212,000 to about 267,000.

The results:

The total number of voters was 267,967. With 91.77% (245,921) of the total counted, Nikos Androulakis received 90,250 and 36.96%.

George Papandreou followed with 67,938 and 27.82%.

And Andreas Loverdos took the third place with 63,553 and 26.03%.

Pavlos Christidis won the fourth place with 3.25% and 7930 votes, Haris Kastanidis 2.96% and 7233 votes and Pavlos Geroulanos 2.98% and 7274.