At a time when the numbers with new coronavirus infections announced over the past two days have caused a “headache” for the government, experts are skeptical about whether the new restrictive measures that will take effect on Saturday will affect those unvaccinated.

Professor of Infectious Diseases and member of the Committee of Specialists, Charalambos Gogos, speaking to Ant1, clarified that those who are vaccinated can also get sick and transmit the virus, but with much lower chances than those who are not vaccinated.

He added that over time, the effectiveness of the vaccine weakens and therefore it is recommended to give a third dose six months after the second, adding that the weakening of the vaccine is not the same for everyone and depends on the immune system of each vaccinated person.

Professor of Pharmacology, Evangelos Manolopoulos, also speaking on the show “Good Morning Greece”, stressed that the measures announced are in the right direction, but are few and incomplete, adding that he does not consider them able to reverse the situation.

As he characteristically said, controls are needed in the churches that were excluded, but also extension of the obligation of vaccination in some cases.

He cited catering as an example, where a customer must be vaccinated to enter a store, but the employee who will serve them and the police officer who will do the check-up may be potentially unvaccinated.