Costas Skrekas, Minister of Environment and Energy, spoke to the “MEGA” television about the floods in Evia and the management of the energy crisis.

“We have already mobilized immediately. Within a few weeks after the fires, the removal of the logs from the dangerous areas was completed”, said Mr. Skrekas and stated that he is in close cooperation with the forest authorities.

“Works are being carried out in four hydrological basins, three of them in the Municipality of Limni-Mantoudi-Agia Anna and one in the Municipality of Istiaia-Edipsos. In all previous years, works started after a season. It is the first time that we had fires in August and in September the works started “.

Then Mr. Skrekas stated that every year the results of climate change are obvious in our country and that we must adapt to the climate crisis.

The request to PPC

Mr. Skrekas referred to the measures to deal with the energy crisis. Specifically, the government announced the following measures:

Doubling the electricity allowance

Gas discount

New increased criteria for the heating allowance (amount: 100 euros to 750 euros).
“The state investment concerns all providers,” he said, referring to the doubling of the electricity subsidy. “In addition, we asked PPC and private providers for the consumption of more than 300 kilowatt hours to proceed with additional discounts, in order to absorb the rise in prices”

“Nobody knows how long the energy crisis will last”

As for gas, the subsidy for consumers will be enhanced through a heating allowance (for those who meet the new income & property criteria) and through a discount from other providers.

“No one knows how long the energy crisis will last. The government is not going to leave consumers unprotected,” Mr Skrekas concluded.