“All the policies that we announced at the Thessaloniki International Fair for 2022 apply, but for other political initiatives that we would like to take, the budgetary margins to be taken are limited”, said the Minister of Finance Christos Staikouras and explained that “as much as we are forced to help society, these 500 million euros – which were announced yesterday that will be given – are missing from something else “.

As the minister explained, the problem is not cash but fiscal, as there is the primary deficit and debt and the country must balance.

“We never want to go back to a time of austerity. The deficit this year is 7.4% “, he clarified, while he stated that the country currently has 40 billion euros in the drawer.

“We have the resources at all times to support households and businesses. We are ready to contribute to reducing the consequences of any crisis, in this case the energy crisis,” he said.

Regarding the energy crisis, Mr. Staikouras said, speaking to SKAI television that it will last until the second quarter of 2022, as it seems to be temporary, but sharper than the initial estimates.

“The root of the problem is exogenous, pan-European.”

Regarding the measures announced by the government for tax cuts, he stated:

• ENFIA property tax will be lower by 22% . In November, it will be decided how much ENFIA will be reduced in 2022.

• Reduction of tax advance on natural persons engaged in business activity from 100% to 55%.
• Reduction of corporate tax advance from 100% to 80%.
• Reduction of corporate taxation to 22% in 2022.
• Abolition of solidarity contribution for 2022 as well.
• Permanent reduction of insurance contributions by one percentage point plus the 3 percentage points valid for 2021 and 2022.
• In December, the social solidarity allowance doubled.
• Reduction of personal taxation from 22% to 9% for the lower income groups.

Finally, he noted that the current regulations also apply to private providers and that the regulation for the 100-120 installments also applies to October. “We will support society if required and for as long as required.”