A handful of “mature” major public-private sector partnership projects dealing with infrastructure around Greece are valued at five billion euros over the coming period, including the inaugural portion of a new tollway across the breadth of Crete’s northern coast, a flyover highway over-pass in Thessaloniki and a new roadway in extreme southwestern Greece.

According to relevant Infrastructure and Transports Minister Costas A. Karamanlis, who spoke during the presentation of relevant IOBE study on Tuesday, 20 such projects are underway this year, with the budget exceeding five billion euros.

Added to the “pot” are rail maintenance projects across the Greek mainland.

The first such private-public sector infrastructure project, unveiled in 2018 and valued at 350 million euros, is the first portion of the northern Crete highway, connecting Hersonissos with Neapolis, and with the contractor expected to be selected in 2022.

Other tenders, possible in the coming months, are expected for two highway projects in northern Greece – roadways that will not include toll booths.

In terms of projects beyond road works, a tender for the construction of the Havria dam in northern Halkidiki prefecture, budgeted at 105 million euros, is also proceeding.

Other such private-public sector projects include buildings, such as new schools and court houses, with most being in northern and central Greece.