The operating framework of the closed dining and entertainment areas is changing from today, Monday 13 September 2021, for vaccinated citizens.

In particular, and according to what the government had announced, in some activities only the vaccinated and the those who fell ill will have access, while in others the unvaccinated will be allowed, provided that they show a negative rapid 48-hour test, the cost of which will be covered at their own expense.

In the places of spectacles and culture, for example, the access of the unvaccinated is allowed.

Specifically, in closed areas of theaters, cinemas, museums and archeological sites, the entry will be allowed to vaccinated, and those who were ill (up to 6 months from the diagnosis), as well as to unvaccinated people who have performed a laboratory rapid antigen test up to 48 hours before.

Vaccination certificate, disease, negative test and identity check will be performed at the entrance of the company, with the application covid free app.

In addition, the employer reserves, by law, the right to know if the employees in his company are vaccinated and is obliged to check the validity of the negative test certificate for the unvaccinated employees, depending on the frequency of diagnosis set for the activity category.

Mandatory mask use

It is mandatory to use a mask in all enclosed spaces, as well as in all open spaces where there is a gathering, both for vaccinated and unvaccinated citizens.