The data on COVID-19 released today by the National Public Health Organisation EODY show that there have been 1,608 newly confirmed cases, five of which were identified at points of entry into the country.

The total number of cases since the beginning of the pandemic is 616, 765, a daily rise of 0.3 percent.

Of cases confirmed in the last seven days, 151 are linked to travel abroad and 2,595 to a previously confirmed case.

In the last 24 hours there have been 51 deaths, compared to 39 two days earlier. There have been 14, 223 death in Greece since the start of the epidemic.

Over 90 percent of ICU patients unvaccinated or received just one dose.

The number of intubated patients is 379 – compared to 346 on 1 September – with a median age of 69. Of these, 90.24 percent are unvaccinated or have received just one dose.

The average age of newly confirmed cases is 39, and the median age of those who have died is 78.