The trend of hospitalised COVID-19 patients refusing to be intubated, at a time when experts predict a nightmarish winter and the vaccine rollout is at a critical juncture, has burgeoned.

Following the death of a 54-year-ols woman at Athens’ Evangelismos Hospital , the nation’s biggest and a COVID-19 reference hospital, another 75-year old woman refused to be intubated.

A similar incident occurred at Thessalonikis’ Papanikolaou Hospital, and with Rhodes a woman who refused intubation died

Intubation is considered necessary when a patient’s blood oxygen level below 75-80 percent.

If due to their condition patients are unable to decide on their treatment the approval of a family member or close friend is requested. If they object to intubation, the hospital requests a prosecutor’s order to perform the necessary medical act.

After the uproar that followed the death of the 54-year-old woman, who was finally intubated after a prosecutor’s order, another similar incident occurred at Evangelismos Hospital with a 75-year-old woman.

She and her family rejected doctors’ recommendations when informed that if her condition worsens she must be intubated.

Her daughter signed a document refusing her mother’s intubation. If needed, doctors will once again petition a prosecutor.