With a total amount of 10,150,000 euros, 22 Municipalities, two municipal enterprises and four Regions of the country are subsidized, to support the fire victims and the restoration of the damages from the fires of the last weeks.

This is the first phase of immediate support and based on the detailed technical reports submitted to the Ministry of Interior. Any new support needed will follow, according to a relevant announcement

In particular, in Evia, 4 million euros are distributed, namely 1,560,000 euros to the Municipality of Istiaia – Edipsos, 1,370,000 euros to the Municipality of Mantoudi – Limni – Agia Anna, 200,000 to the Municipality of Karystos and 350,000 euros to the Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Company of Mantoudi – Limni – Agia Anna.

The rest of the funding concerns the municipalities of Aktio – Vonitsa (50,000), Megalopolis (250,000), Gortynia (300,000), Oropou (750,000), Acharnes (800,000), Dionysos (750,000 euros), Kifissia (50,000), Lavreotiki (200,000), Mandra – Idilias (300,000), Aigialeia (250,000), Erymanthos (80,000), Patras (80,000), Rhodes (80,000), Ancient Olympia (220,000), Pyrgos (250,000), East Mani (100,000), Oichalia (300,000), Pylos Nestoros (80,000), Doridos (80,000), as well as Ancient Olympia (80,000). Finally, an amount of 1,620,000 euros is distributed to the regions of Central Greece (550,000), Western Greece (350,000), Peloponnese (370,000) and Attica (350,000).

The decision on the financing was signed by the Deputy Minister of Interior, Stelios Petsas, who stated in this regard: “together with our citizens, farmers and businesses, the government supports the municipalities and regions affected by the fires. We said it and we did it, so that all together, we can help to restart hope where there was despair “.