The office of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has announced a minor cabinet reshuffle this morning in the aftermath of deadly nationwide wildfires.

Mitsotakis has upgraded minister Akis Skertsos to the post of Statewide Minister, co-equal to the current State Minister Yorgos Gerapetritis.

Mitsotakis has also tapped deputy agriculture minister Ioannis Economou to serve as government spokesman, and his processor Aritotelia Peloni is now alternate government spokesman.

Sources in the PM’s office spoke of an “internal reordering of forces” and not a reshuffle, which they said will occur if and when the PM decides.

The changes

Former finance ministry general secretary Christos Triantafyllou has been appointed deputy minister to the prime minister who will be responsible for compensation to the fire-stricken, to create an immediate management mechanism.

Christos-Yorgos Skertsos, until now deputy minister to the prime minister, has been promoted to State Minister.

Christos Triantopoulos, until now fiancé ministry general secretary, has been appointed deputy to the prime minister responsible for compensation for the fire-stricken.