TITAN Group, in the context of its digital transformation, announced the implementation of an artificial intelligence innovation program for the creation of the “smart cement factory of the future”. Innovations include the use of standalone algorithms to optimize the entire production line in real time.

The use of these algorithms allows the recording, organization, study and utilization of a large volume of operational data (big data) coming from thousands of special sensors integrated in the factory equipment and already brings significant benefits, such as: minimizing energy consumption, reducing emissions CO2 and productivity improvement of up to 10%.

The development of these digital solutions is possible through the utilization of the Group’s big data acquisition and analysis infrastructure and they are a unique experimental approach for the creation of forecasting solutions, based on algorithms based on artificial intelligence and adapted to the characteristics of the cement production process.

Also, the rapid implementation of solutions in all factories of the Group is achieved through a process of flexible application and adaptation of digital tools to the specifics of each factory, based on the combination of knowledge of cement production process experts (domain experts), data scientists ( data scientists), data engineers and integrators.

The use of optimization algorithms started ατ Titan as early as 2017 at the US Pennsuco cement plant and was one of the first artificial intelligence methods applied to cement production worldwide. The method is now being applied to the Group’s cement plants in the USA, Greece, Brazil and Southeastern Europe.

Recognizing the significant opportunities and benefits that the use of advanced digital technologies can bring to industrial production, the TITAN Group will take other steps to improve its competitiveness through digital transformation, enhancing the efficiency of its production and supply chain. and improving its customer experience.