The first five of 12 projects in the “Greece 2.0” post-Covid recovery and resilience plan were unveiled by the Greek government on Thursday, with the initiatives to be implemented by the Information Society S.A. entity, which operates as a state-run utility.

The five projects entail a total budget for implementation of 294.7 million euros, and include the introduction and operation of a unified accounting and financial management framework of all of Greece’s cavernous wider public sector (36.1 million euros); expanding a telecoms and telematics system throughout the public sector (32.1 million euros); expanding and increasing a unified digital platform for offering state services to citizens and businesses (69.4 million euros); using Internet services to achieve and increase inter-operability between IT systems in the public sector, and, expanding a 200-euro voucher per pupil program for the purchase of tablets, laptops and desktops, budgeted at 129.2 million euros.