By Yannis Metaxas*

A substantial number of people are not being vaccinated, some due to inability, some due to fear, and others due a pseudo-medical viewpoint.

The last category is comprised of uneducated and irresponsible people who are at the verge of madness.

That means that this deviation is not just psychiatric in nature. It is a stance dictated by a pitiful rationale.

Therefore, we have reached the point where the right of the many to survive is threatened not by a viewpoint, but rather by an active omission of the act of vaccination of certain people who refuse to not murder others.

That is because some unvaccinated individuals who will fall ill from SARS-CoV-2 will be saved, but some others, who will be infected by those who refuse vaccination, will die.

Hence, there are thousands of people who know that by refusing to be vaccinated many others will perish, and yet they persist.

Their murderous behaviour – and this is not a case that the theory of criminal law treats as a crime of omission – is an active deed. It is a positive action and whoever says, “What can we do? There will always be idiots” should know that it is a specious argument.

The real idiots are people whose supposed advantage harms themselves.

In the case of the pandemic it operates, from now on that operates mainly at the expense of the many.

The only option left is to impose compulsory vaccination for everyone. It will be mandatory when one cannot leave home without a proper vaccination certificate. Indirectly that will indicate that one is innocent of a criminal offence.

Given the fact that we are entering the fourth wave of the epidemic, let us at least try to avoid a fifth.

Yes! It is that bad and that simple.

* Yannis Metaxas is a professor emeritus and a regular member of the Academie Europeenne Interdisciplinaire des Sciences.