Germany is focusing on banning all travelers from the United Kingdom from entering EU member states, regardless of whether they have been vaccinated against COVID-19 or not, due to the widespread spread of the coronavirus Delta mutation.

This is reported in today’s publication of the British The Times, according to which the German Chancellor Angela Merkel will seek to discuss the proposal from senior European and national officials in the wide committee for dealing with the pandemic crisis and to characterize Britain as a “country of concern”.

According to the same report, she is expected to meet resistance from Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Portugal and Malta.

London is set to unveil in July its plan to allow fully vaccinated Britons vaccinated against COVID-19 to travel safely to all countries except those at risk of pandemic.

A British government source quoted by the newspaper as saying that Merkel “seems to be becoming increasingly isolated”, adding that “many countries will make individual decisions and will not be dragged behind what Berlin decides”.