As Europe gradually opens up after months of bans and restrictions, interest in travel has clearly risen, with two-thirds of Europeans intending to travel by the end of November 2021.

This is stated in the latest report of the European Travel Commission (ETC), emphasizing that only 15% have reservations and a corresponding percentage state that they are not willing to travel. In fact, Greece and other southern countries are top choices of Europeans this summer

Vaccines and Digital Certificate

The report notes that the rapid advancement of COVID-19 vaccinations in Europe combined with the recent introduction of the EU Digital Certificate enhances the travel spirit of Europeans. 70% of respondents are already making travel plans for the next six months, compared to 56% in February 2021. This is the highest percentage since August 2020.

More than half (57%) of Europeans feel much more optimistic about travel planning in the coming months because of vaccines, while 25% are neutral and 18% are still unconvinced.

In particular, in many cases, vaccination has a direct impact on travel arrangements, with 54% saying they intend to book a trip after being vaccinated.

Similarly, recent EU action to coordinate rules and boost travel is already having a positive effect. The introduction of the EU Digital COVID Certificate has been widely accepted among Europeans: 57% of respondents believe that the certificate will facilitate the planning of their next trip, while only 18% express the opposite opinion.

Europe at the forefront

Europeans who want to travel soon are more excited about summer travel: 31% plan to travel in June and July and 41% in August and September, while 16% plan to travel in the fall. .

Research also shows a significant increase in interest in traveling abroad.

Half of the respondents want to visit another European country (51%), while 36% prefer domestic travel to enjoy the sights of their country.

Europeans traveling abroad this summer prefer destinations in the South, such as Spain, Italy, France, Greece and Portugal for their next trip.