The Ministry of Tourism proceeded with a substantial and useful upgrade of the official application of the Hellenic Tourism Organization (EOT) “Visit Greece App”, incorporating the list of 545 beaches throughout Greece, which have been awarded the “Blue Flag”.

Given that Greece ranks 2nd in the world, among 49 countries, based on the total number of “Blue Flag” beaches, the addition of the relevant list to the “Visit Greece App” was deemed absolutely necessary. Now, every user of the application will be able to receive all the information they need to plan trips and vacations to seaside locations throughout Greece, choosing directly and easily destinations from the relevant directory in the “Visit Greece App”.

It is reminded that the awarding of the “Blue Flag” to any beach is done after a strict evaluation and is valid for 12 months. Beaches are entitled to fly “Blue Flags” if they meet 33 different criteria, which relate to the safety of bathers, cleanliness, organization, information, protection of the natural wealth of the coast and coastal area, environmental awareness actions, etc. However, the predominant criterion for the “Blue Flags” is the purity of the sea zone: Beaches are accepted, exclusively, with “Excellent” water quality.

As the “Blue Flag” functions, in fact, as a guarantee of top and complete quality, it is widely used as a destination selection indicator, both by tourist organizations, “tour operators” etc., as well as by individual tourists. Therefore, access to the list of 545 Greek Beaches with Blue Flags makes it even easier to promote Greece as an attractive and safe destination, especially for foreign visitors who prefer the sea.

With the integration of the “Blue Flags” in the “Visit Greece App”, for the first time since 1992, the important work performed by the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature (EEPF), as National Operator of the International Program “Blue Flag” in Greece.

It is also reminded that the application “Visit Greece App” is an initiative of the Ministry of Tourism and EOT, which was developed in collaboration with Mastercard, Eurobank and Warply. It is the ultimate utility, digital tool for visitors to Greece, as it provides travel information, real-time information, suggestions, etc. -and, of course, instructions on Covid-19 for tourists. The “Visit Greece App” is available for free through the online stores “App Store” and “Google Play”.