“No one in autumn can prevent a restaurant sector businessman from serving only vaccinated individuals at his enterprise,” Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis told Parliament today amidst debate over mandatory vaccination.

There have been endless discussions about the prospect of according “privileges” or greater freedoms to vaccinated people. That will apparently occur after all citizens have access to all available vaccines.

On the contrary, there has been very limited discussion about the constitutionality of such an action.

Possibility wide open for COVID-free restaurants

Privileges at restaurants, cinemas, and cafeterias for COVID-19-vaccinated people is just one element in a package of privileges.

Admission at the above categories of venues would be open only for vaccinated people or people who can present a fresh, negative COVID-19 test result.

The measure is intended as an incentive for people to be vaccinated en masse.

Self-tests will continue to be distributed to certain categories of citizens.

It is unclear whether in autumn, when the discussion of privileges will be rekindled, vaccinated citizens will be able to receive free self-tests.

Government scenarios

One scenario that the government is mulling is making a weekly COVID-19 self-test mandatory as of 15 June. The formal announcement is scheduled for next week.

Another idea involves facilitating movement and travel both domestically and abroad by not requiring vaccinated individuals to undergo a rapid-test.

Music at restaurants as of this weekend

The further laxening of restrictive public health measures includes lifting the ban on playing music at restaurants, cafeterias, and bars and delaying the 12:30 am curfew until 1:30 am.

An announcement on the maximum number of guests at weddings and baptisms (June is peak season) is to be issued in the coming days.