The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic highlighted the tremendous significance of public health and made people cognisant that without protecting people’s health there can be no normalcy in everyday life.

In an environment fraught with economic threats and restrictions the economy cannot function effectively and efficiently and society cannot flower and create.

Tourism is being snuffed out and trips have well nigh disappeared. There are no theatrical performances. Athletic events cannot be held properly long distance without stadiums and results.

Politics has become self-restricted and has had to enforce authoritarian measures that are not in line with the principles and traditions of liberal democracy.

In other words, with death looming, all aspects of public, political, social, artistic, cultural, and economic life have been rocked by the crisis, the handling of which has naturally become the paramount duty.

The intensity and depth of the second wave of the pandemic since the end of October leaves no room for misinterpretation.

Right now Thessaloniki and most cities in the province of Macedonia are being tested very severely.

The deadly virus has spread into many interconnected communities and is still going strong despite the enforcement of strict restrictive measures over many weeks.

As a result hundreds of ailing people daily have besieged hospitals in search of a bed and treatment. This has created asphyxiating conditions for hospitals as well as doctors and healthcare workers.

Their human endurance has been sorely tested and that will worsen if the second wave moves south and hits Attica hard.

The efforts of doctors and nurses nationwide and especially in northern Greece right now are truly heroic, and that is no exaggeration.

They are risking their lives and some have already died.

It is thanks to their super-human efforts that hospitals and other healthcare facilities are still on their feet and battle-worthy.

In such conditions there is no room for wavering or pointless clashes.

This is especially true because we know that the pandemic will likely persist in the coming winter months even before the much-desired vaccination of the population and a prospective, even deadlier wave of the epidemic.

Given all these factors it is necessary for everyone to come together and to unqualifiedly support the National Health System it is the only institution that can guarantee public health.

Delays, reservations, and administrative, bureaucratic, or other obstacles cannot be tolerated.

Our hospitals must be bolstered immediately and fortified with the necessary personnel.

The government and the state administration have no other road to choose.

All involved parties must back the National Health System with all their might.

Let them rest assured that in pursuing this objective they will have the strong support of everyone.