The guidelines of experts on infectious diseases regarding handling the COVIT-19 epidemic were from the start clear, simple, and specific.

The duty of responsible citizens is to abide by them faithfully and as long as necessary, which is to say quite a long time as the new virus has hidden secrets and there is no vaccine as yet.

Consequently, the only treatment is a timely diagnosis and the enforcement of preventive measures to keep the virus from spreading.

If a patient disregards the instructions of scientists and fails to report a trip to a high-risk country that constitutes criminal negligence.

Anti-social behaviours as were recently exhibited by Greek revelers who flouted a ban on carnivals can lead to a rapid spread of the epidemic.

We must reconcile ourselves to the reality that an inconvenient change in habits will temporarily disrupt our way of life.

Unfortunately, we have no choice.

Complete implementation of the guidelines set by experts is the only way to protect our own health and that of others – especially those in vulnerable groups.