Golden Dawn leader Nikos Michaloliakos testifying in the Athens appellate court today said he had no involvement in the murder of anti-fascist rapper by Yorgos Roupakias whom he described as a lone ranger who killed Pavlos Fyssas of his own volition and that he was informed of the event the next day.

Other members of Golden Dawn, which is on trial as a criminal organisation that is responsible for the murder of several migrants and a left-wing Greek, testified that Michaloliakos spoke several times by phone with the organisers of the murder the night of the murder.

Like his former MPs who testified previously, one of whom directly implicated Michaloliakos, he denied all charges in an effort to personally save himself and his party.

Cynical and entirely unremorseful, Michaloliakos denied the existence of Golden Dawn’s hit squads that beat and sometimes murder their targets as well as his own inlammatory pro-Nazi speeches, obviously in a bid to shake off the charge that he is the leader of a criminal, murderous organisation.

Heightened tensions inside, outside the court

Outside the court, Golden Dawn members and supporters shouted the party slogan «Blood, Honour, Golden Dawn».
Anti-fascists outside the court chanted «Pavlos [Fyssas] lives, crush the Nazis».

Inside the courtroom all eyes were focused on Michaloliakos, but they were overshadowed by the presence of Fyssas’ mother Magda.
When Michaloliakos entered the courtroom he was booed by the family and friends of Fyssas and his mother shouted «dog» at him.
They also held up little signs stating «We are not afraid.»

The United Movement Against Racism and the Fascist Threat (KEERFA) and the Communist activist organisation PAME had a strong presence outside the courtroom, along with a large number of migrants.

Michaloliakos claims conspiracy

Michaloliakos claimed that his party has been the target of a conspiracy over the last 25 years. He said this is the first time in Greek history that a party leader has been put on trial for an act of a member, but it is Golden Dawn that is on trial as a criminal organisation.

Michaloliakos referred to the general secretary of Antonis Samaras’ government who was captured on video discussing a cooperation between New Democracy and Golden Dawn with Elias Kasidiaris, the number two in Golden Dawn.

Michaloliakos said he was acquainted with Baltakos since 1973 when they both participated in various organisations and that he later had many contacts with Baltakos and that is why they had a dialogue in parliament.

Michaloliakos said that a prosecutor during Samaras’ tenure recommended that Baltakos be called in to testify but that did not happen due to the fact that Samaras was in power.