New Democracy European Parliament member Yorgos Kyrtsos, a former journalist and publisher, has said that one of the scenarios that Greece’s European partners are mulling, as Athens prepares to exit the bailout programme, is a grand coalition of SYRIZA and New Democracy.
Kyrtsos told 24/7 radio that European officials, who have a formal say on issues pertaining to Greece, are examining a post-memorandum collaboration of the two largest parties.
Kyrtsos said that a question repeatedly raised by his colleagues in Brussels is, “How can there be collaboration between New Democracy and SYRIZA?”
“One of the scenarios that our European partners are examining as a solution to many problems regarding the Greek programme is a ruling coalition,” Kyrtsos said, noting his own reservations about the prospect.

“If something like that were to happen suddenly, I believe it would lead to disdain for the parties. I do not think that such a scenario would solve the problem,” the conservative MEP concluded.