The German daily Suddeutsche Zeitung has reported that an agreement on the Greek debt is expected within the week.
Noting that Athens is a step before the bailout exit, the report speaks of a great determination to reach an agreement, noting that, “before the end of the third loan programme on 20 August, eurozone finance ministers want to definitely reach an agreement this week”.
After eight years of crisis and three multi-billion euro packages, Greece wants to ply ahead on its own feet, and the omens are not bad, the report says, noting that Greece is in the process of implemented 80 required prior actions for the completion of the bailout programme.
The report says that an extension of the loan repayment periods is in the works, and that Berlin is prepared to make concession and is veering towards an eight-year extension.

SZ says that the IMF is unlikely to have a funding role, but that eurozone countries want the Fund to continue to play a role in the Greek programme, and that IMF chief Christine Lagarde wants to participate in the 21 June Eurogroup, where the IMF’s future role will be decided.