Dialogue, criticism, and democracy are in the final analysis incompatible with the DNA of the ruling Syriza party.

From the time that they were still in the opposition – and much more so now that they are in power – they could not tolerate criticism, different views, and debate. Whoever does not praise them or disputes their ‘successes’ is not merely an enemy, but is targeted, vilified, and slandered with methods reminiscent of totalitarian regimes.

The control of the media was and remains the burning desire of Mr. Tsipras and his associates. They keep trying with all manner of dark machinations and threats to subject the media and manipulate publishers and journalists. Those who do not comply with their demands are targeted as enemies of the nation and stoned as undermining the national effort.

Yesterday, the prime minister, in yet another display of ignorance of and indifference about the rules of democracy, discovered yet another “black front”, comprised of “what is most rotten and corrupt in the country”, in which he includes the opposition, the media, and publishers – not those who praise him and follow his orders, but those who dare not to obey his dictates.

One might view his statement as black humour, if it did not constitute a direct and repeated threat that is accompanied by a continual undermining of democratic institutions.

It is beyond reason for those who in the demonstrations of rage in city squares created a truly black and leveling anti-memorandum front to play the role of accuser. These are the same people who defamed and hurled abuse in every way at their opponents and literally tried to annihilate them, targeting even their erstwhile comrades, when they abandoned them after the party’s decision to do a political about-face in order to remain in power.

Unfortunately for Mr. Tsipras and his cadres, the era of alleged innocence and wholesale pledges is long gone. They were measured, weighed, and revealed. It is they who in reality represent the old and disdained face of the country. That is why they are so afraid of losing power and being confronted with their errors and responsibilities.

They cultivate polarisation ands division, slander unabashedly, and undermine institutions, because that is all they know how to do well.

They cannot persuade anyone, because they have lost long ago the last shred of the alleged moral advantage that they peddled for the sake of taking power.