The presence of Nikos Christodoulakis by the side of Economy Minister Giorgos Stathakis during a session of the parliamentary finance committee on the country’s debt, has sparked rumors taht he will assume a critical role in the government negotiation team for the debt.

Mr. Christodoulakis had previously served as Minister of Finance under Prime Minister Kostas Simitis and was appointed as Minister of Economy in the caretaker cabinet in 2015.

During the session in Parliament on Wednesday, Mr. Christodoulakis warned that the IMF has never carried out debt ‘haircut’ without introducing a new bailout agreement. “Thankfully there were some forces that fought against the IMF’s invasion. It would be good if there was a struggle in Greece, since it is very likely that some even wanted it” he argued.

Mr. Christodoulakis also lashed out against EU officials who accepted and agreed to the IMF’s participation in the bailout programs of its member states and was particularly scathing about the Papandreou government’s management of the crisis.