The current minimum wage of young people may soon change, as the Expert Group for the review of the Greek labor market institutions has issued its reform recommendations.

According to the group’s recommendations, young employees should receive 90% of the current minimum wage (amounting to 527.40 euros) in their first year of work experience and 95% (556.78 euros) in the second year.

Specifically, the group notes that «the youth subminimum wage will be replaced by a subminimum experience rate of 90% in the first year of work experience and 95% in the second year of work experience. Apprentices and students in internships of up to three months which are formalized in their curricula are exempted. The social partners decide on the pertinent subminimum wages and their increases».

At present, the minimum wage for young people is 510.95 euros. The recommendations will be discussed between the Ministry of Labor and the institutions after the 17th of October.

The recommendations are available online.