The main opposition party has lashed out against the coalition government over the raid on the home of Yannis Stournaras, claiming that it is attempting to manipulate the course of justice.

According to New Democracy the investigation of the corruption prosecutors into the involvement of Lina Nikolopoulou, wife of Mr. Stournaras, in an advertising scandal related to KEELPNO is a ‘brutal attack’ against the independence of the Bank of Greece. The statement also called the government to carry out the investigations related to Attica Bank promptly.

New Democracy also called the prosecutors to demonstrate the same zeal in the accusations regarding the recent television license tender and specifically the objections raised against Yannis Kalogritsas from the leader of the Independent Greeks Panos Kammenos.

Government chastises ND over its haste to politicized the investigation

The government responded to New Democracy’s statement by underlining that the Governor of the Bank of Greece is not a political div, while his role is to maintain political neutrality. This neutrality, notes that government, has been agreed upon with the European supervisory institutions

As such, the government response continues, it is unacceptable for New Democracy to intervene in the course of Justice and the Bank of Greece. The main opposition party’s haste to act as an advocate and instructor for the Governor harm both him and his role.

Finally, the government noted that the KEELPNO scandal will be fully investigated, whether New Democracy likes it or not.