Independent MP Nikos Nikolopoulos has filed charges against former Prime Minister and president of Movement of Democrats Socialists Giorgos Papandreou for high treason.

In the charges brought by Mr. Nikolopoulos, The former PM is accused of violating the institutional process for publicizing the country’s fiscal data for 2009, when he announced the deficit on Kastelorizo, six months before the Court of Auditors’ report.

The Independent MP alleges that the former Prime Minister’s actions resulted in increased pressure on Greece to accept the bailout agreements, which ultimately harmed the country’s interests.

Upon leaving the Prosecutor’s office, Mr. Nikolopoulos called the former Prime Minister “the doorman of international loan sharks” for “subserviently and consciously” opening the backdoor for the money lenders and IMF, which in turn resulted in economic and social devastation in Greece.