Taxpayers who received their bills for the ENFIA real estate tax were in for shock, with about four in ten property owners faced with a higher charge.

According to the official data published by the Ministry of Finance though, for about four million taxpayers the tax will either be the same or marginally less compared to the last one. Specifically:

  • 2,463,586 taxpayers (38.5%) will pay less, especially in areas where property values are low.
  • 1,667,901 (26%) will pay the same bill as they paid for 2015
  • 1,573,281 (25%) will pay up to 10 euros more compared to the previous bill
  • 429,000 (6.7%) will pay up to 50 euros more in the new bill.

For 261,879 taxpayers the ENFIA and supplementary tax will be up to 1,000 euros more, while for 10,133 the bill will be increased by at least 1,000 euros.

Regarding businesses, the Finance Ministry revealed that 17,267 of the 53,085 legal persons will be faced with an ENFIA bill that is 50 to 1,000 euros more than last year.