Following a debate on Wednesday and Thursday, the Parliament in Athens approved a provision regarding the construction of the much-delayed Mosque in the area of Votanikos in Athens.

A roll call vote was carried out, at the request of Golden Dawn, with 206 MPs voting in favor of the provision and 24 voting against it. The provision was supported by SYRIZA, New Democracy, the Democratic Alliance, KKE and the River.

The aforementioned neo-Nazi party and the coalition government partner Independent Greeks however voted against the bill. The Union of Centrists were reserved.

Golden Dawn MPs bully Muslim MP during debate

During the debate in Parliament on Thursday, Golden Dawn MPs bullied SYRIZA MP Huseyin Zeybek. At first Ilias Panagiotaros called Zeybek a ‘Turk’ and accused him of recently burning the Greek flag. The MP denied the allegations and reminded the neo-Nazi party MP that his family fought against fascism in Albania.

Later on another Golden Dawn MP Yannis Lagos called the SYRIZA MP ‘pro-Turk’ and a ‘Turkish agent’. The Vice President of Parliament Nikitas Kaklamanis intervened and ordered the Golden Dawn MPs to ‘sit down’ and leave the room.

SYRIZA later on issued a statement, where it underlined that “it is the highest civic duty” to socially and politically isolate the “descendants of Nazi collaborators who dare to brandish swastikas”.