The president of the Union of Centrists Vasilis Leventis called PASOK to “assume its responsibilities” in relation to the electoral law reform, arguing that PASOK president Fofi Gennimata «is giving away 50 seats to Mr. Mitsotakis«. If she does not understand this or has some other agreement is ‘another story’ he commented.

In his interview for the Praktorio 104.9 radio station Mr. Leventis explained that “the essence of proportional representation” is not having any bonuses given to the first party, arguing that splitting up larger constituencies and giving expatriates the ability to vote are secondary issues. He also claimed that having 50 MPs in Parliament, who were not voted by the Greek people, simply to have a government reflects an obsession with power.

The opposition party leader further estimated that in the past strong government were supported by the “partisan armies” of PASOK and New Democracy, adding that the parties secured high approval rates by securing jobs to voters. Mr. Leventis concluded that an all-party, ecumenical government is necessary, fearing that PM Alexis Tsipras is slowly trying to leave, sensing the difficulties that are to come.