The house of the former head of UBS’s investment banking in Greece Christos Sklavounis was raided by Greek tax authorities earlier in July, reveals a Financial Times report.

According to the newspaper report, the police raided the house of Mr. Sklavounis on July 4 and seized computers, documents and hard drives. It appears that the investigation was prompted based on suspicion of tax evasion, based on data divulged by German authorities.

The FT report reveals that by using this data Greek authorities have identified about 1,000 suspected tax evaders, some of whom have reached a settlement. The newspaper report also notes that the investigation may also aim to draw further data from the bank’s officers in Zurich, Lugano, Luxembourg and Singapore

Under the Samaras-Venizelos government, Mr. Sklavounis had been appointed at the helm of the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund, which managed funds to rescue Greek banks. He resigned from his position in March 2015, after Alexis Tsipras became Prime Minister.