When the government is being slammed after its plan for a return to the drachma was officially revealed by Varoufakis’ secret consultant, it is trying to change the debate by focusing on the electoral law and targeting media bankers. With society literally on the brink due to the over-taxation and confiscations, the government is desperately seeking a way out and to distract public opinion.

By using the electoral law and proportional representation, they are trying to divide the opposition. With a last-minute amendment they separated the seat bonuses given to the first party from the 3% requirement to enter Parliament. As such it has managed to turn around the Communist Party and is looking forward to Golden Dawn’s votes, which according to the President of Parliament have no smell…

The diversion attempted though does not seem to have the expected result, since it does not appear likely that the government will gather the 200 necessary votes to implement the new law immediately.

It is clear that he opportunistic games of the government do not aim for a broader political consensus, like a proportional representation system demands. Because while it is promoting this particular electoral system, it insists on cultivating a climate of division and polarization against the opposition parties and society in general.

The country truly needs greater efforts towards a broader consensus to stand back on its feet. SYRIZA has sabotaged every effort so far, by cultivating false hopes on the one hand and spite and hatred towards its political opponents and everyone criticizing them on the other.

Opportunism and populism however have their limits. The treatment received by all those officers who dare to show up in public and SYRIZA’s collapse in the polls is a result of this tactic. Whether the government likes it or not, proportional representation and the lack of democratic culture and consensus do not mix, however many political games they come up with…