The Greek government and its creditors appear to have reached an agreement in order to unlock the disbursement of a 7.5-billion-euro tranche. The issues related to the EKAS benefit and prior actions appear to have been overcome, with To Vima being told by both sides that an agreement is imminent.

The Minister of Economy Giorgos Stathakis announced that the EKAS benefit will be covered by the national pension and underlined that the issue regarding retroactive deductions will be resolved without pensioners suffering any losses. Mr. Stathakis was confident that everything will be resolved within the next couple days.

When asked about non-performing loans where the Hellenic State is guarantor, the Economy Minister commented that the solution being planned and review will not have an additional cost on the budget. Should the privatization of ADMIE failr to take place according to plan, it is believed that both sides are in agreement for the country’s independent power transmission operator to be listed in the stock market.