The president of PASOK and head of the Democratic Alignment Fofi Gennimata lashed out against the Prime Minister Alexis Tsirpas, accusing him of implementing the “cruelest neoliberal policies” imposed by Europe’s hardest conservatives.

Mrs. Gennimata told the Radio Thessaloniki station on Tuesday that the Prime Minister “started off wearing a Chavez hat and ended up wearing a Thatcher wig”, adding that “this is not realism”.

According to the opposition party leader, challenged the government’s argument that the automatic fiscal adjustment mechanism will not be necessary, since if that were the case, they would not introduce it in the first place. She estimated that the cuts will be across the board and that the mechanism will be a permanent fixture.

Finally, the PASOK leader commented that the agreement between the Greek government and its creditors is essentially capitulation because “it is like we lost the war”.