A controversial pamphlet written in Arabic which has circulated among refugees, instructing them on how to cross over from Greece into FYROM appears to have been penned by German politician Norbert Blüm.

Aside from instructions on how to cross over from Greece into FYROM, the pamphlet includes a map. This pamphlet has sparked controversy, as the tension between the two countries over the refugee crisis further escalates.

The name of the CDU politician and former Federal Minister for Labor and Social Affairs under Helmut Kohl is written on the lower right corner of the pamphlet. Mr. Blüm made headlines last week when he camped in Idomeni in solidarity with the refugees.

Meanwhile, the official spokesperson for the Greek coordinating body on the refugee crisis Giorgos Kyritsis clarified that “the Hellenic State does not encourage nor guide the refugees” on how to cross over into FYROM.