The government and creditors must realize that so long as they continue to chase unattainable tax goals, all they will achieve is increase the outstanding debts, undermine all prospect of stability in the economy, eliminating all possibilities of leaving the bailouts behind and complicating the market’s recovery” warned the president of the National Confederation of Hellenic Commerce (ESEE) Vasilis Korkidis.

The ESEE head published an article online arguing the Greek taxation system must be based on a transparent, fair, simple and stable framework, that will put an end to overregulation, tax evasion and tax avoidance.

Mr. Korkidis concedes that tax evasion is prevalent in many sectors, but stressed that it is unfair and illogical to hold SMEs entirely accountable and responsible for the problems that are being caused.

According to the ESEE president, no government so far has defied the political cost of providing an efficient system to reduce public expenses, with the ‘alternative measures’ and over-taxation having a catastrophic result on business. He further commented that if Greek authorities had followed the example of Ireland, Portugal and Cyprus, the three bailout and accompanying austerity measures would not have been taken.

The existing situation, he further elaborated, essentially urges taxpayers to hide their true income and is forcing many businesses to move to Bulgaria in order to remain healthy and profitable.