A dark new world

the barbaric terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday night, the massacre and bloodbath they caused are changing Europe…

A dark new world | tovima.gr

the barbaric terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday night, the massacre and bloodbath they caused are changing Europe and the entire world.

The climate of general insecurity which they brought to the Old Continent in particular is establishing new circumstances. The age of innocence is ending, peaceful life is seemingly disappearing from the metropolitan centers of the West.

Paris is in a state of emergency, conditions of martial law have been imposed via curfews, the borders were closed and the army was called upon to assist the work of the Police. There have not been such measures imposed in the French capital since the war in Algeria.

The situation will become even more complicated if, as it seems, it is confirmed that the terrorist attacks are attributed to ISIS and everything going on in the Syrian civil war.

As it would seem, the so-called Islamic State which is under pressure decided to take the war to the European capitals, obviously aiming to terrorize European societies and put the pressure on European governments.

It is almost certain that this barbaric choice will bring the exact opposite result.

The anti-migration wave will become bigger, the nationalist tendencies will become stronger and the European leaders will be pressured to act aggressively against the neo-barbaric “Islamic State”.

The first statements of European leaders, such as those by Italian Prime Minister Mateo Renzi, suggest that military action will be taken against ISIS.

It seems that the drums of war will soon thunder again.

Although it is still too early to come to any conclusions, it is certain that we are faced with new circumstances. Fundamental European principles, such as the freedom of movement, will be tested in the near future.

Checks at airports, harbors and railway stations will multiply, the European foundation will lose some of its essential characteristics and the pressure on Europe’s exterior borders will increase, with consequences for our country.

Due to its position, Greece will be at the center of European and international attention and will be called to take action to control the movement of populations via the Aegean.

Truth be told, the new world that dawns will be darker, more suspicious and ultimately less free.

It certainly will not be the same. The tragic events in Paris lead to… another world.

Antonis Karakousis

Originally published in the Sunday print edition

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